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Folly Beach South Carolina

The coast of South Carolina is lined with more than 180 miles of scenic beaches. With so many beaches to choose from, you may be overwhelmed when it comes to selecting a vacation spot. Look no further! Folly Beach, near historic Charleston, offers visitors a variety of entertainment, accommodation and dining options to suit any vacation style. Whether you are seeking a relaxing getaway with your spouse or a high-energy, fun-filled week with friends, is your perfect resource for all things Folly!

One of the most attractive elements of Folly Beach is the small town feel it offers visitors. Many beaches on the South Carolina coast have become so overrun with people, restaurant chains and tourist-trap shops that the natural beauty of the coast is tarnished. Despite its popularity, Folly has retained a family-friendly, laid-back atmosphere that serves to enhance the natural environment rather than detract from it.

The Edge of America

Folly Beach, long referred to as "The Edge of America," is a favorite spot for vacationers who want to take full advantage of the outdoors. Surfers flock to the Wash Out on Folly for some of the best surfing on the East Coast. Want to pick up a new hobby? Many of the surf shops in Folly offer surf lessons and board rentals and can give you tips on the best times and locations for local surfing.

The Edwin S. Taylor Fishing Pier, one of the longest piers on the East Coast, is centrally located in Folly Beach and is a great spot for catching Giant Drum, King Mackerel and other varieties of fish. For those who prefer off-shore fishing, there are a number of charters that depart from Folly Beach each day for deep-sea fishing adventures. Bird watching, beachcombing and bike riding are also popular outdoor activities for Folly Beach residents and vacationers.

Folly Beach Real Estate

Many visitors to Folly Beach fall in love with the easy going atmosphere and the natural environment, making it the venue for their annual family vacation. Others may be interested in visiting more often or possibly even relocating to the area permanently. Folly Beach has real estate options diverse enough to meet any and every need.

Rather than renting a house or condo or staying in a hotel while vacationing, why not invest in something more permanent? There are many opportunities for real estate purchasing and investing at Folly, ranging from million dollar beachfront estates to one bedroom surf huts. Owning your own property at Folly Beach has a number of advantages over renting. Imagine being able to head to the beach at a moment's notice rather than having to make reservations months in advance!

Location, Location, Location?

Folly Beach is an ideal location for purchasing a second home or a timeshare. In addition to the natural beauty and laid back beach lifestyle, Folly offers the most affordable real estate on the South Carolina coast. However, this will not last for long due to its growing popularity. Both locals and vacationers are beginning to scoop up available real estate resulting in an eventual increase in home prices. Invest in Folly Beach property today and watch your property value continue to soar over the years! Search the listings on or contact a local realtor for more information on Folly Beach real estate.

The proximity to the city of Charleston is a prominent factor in the appreciation of Folly Beach real estate. Charleston offers historic charm, world-class dining and fabulous shopping?only 10 miles from Folly Beach! Drive into the city and visit the famous City Market, tour one of dozens of historic plantations or enjoy a traditional meal of shrimp and grits.

Folly Beach Restaurants

What better time to indulge in large, extravagant meals than while you are on vacation? Folly Beach offers locals and vacationers a wide variety of dining options. For breathtaking views, visit the pier area for oceanfront restaurants and enjoy a delicious meal while watching the sunset! Looking to grab a quick bite to eat? Center Street, the main road into Folly Beach, is lined with options.

As is the standard in beach towns, you will find a variety of seafood restaurants from casual, family-friendly to more upscale. However, there are also a number of options at Folly for those looking for something other than seafood. Perhaps a deli, pizzeria or wine and tapas bar is more fitting to your tastes. There are also ice cream and snack shops to satisfy that sweet tooth! Ask a local or check out the listings on for Folly restaurant recommendations.

Shrimp and WHAT?

Some of the most appealing features of the restaurants at Folly Beach are the traditional Lowcountry items on the menus. Perhaps the most popular Lowcountry meal is shrimp and grits. Each chef typically has his own variation which includes ingredients such as gravy, cheese, peppers or diced tomatoes added to the mixture of succulent shrimp and grits. You will also find fresh, local seafood prepared in a variety of ways from batter-fried to blackened or pecan-encrusted.

Head to one of the many outstanding restaurants at Folly Beach when the dinner bell rings (or your stomach growls!) for meals that are guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Sweet tea, shrimp and grits, hushpuppies and fruit cobbler?come and get it!

Folly Beach Attractions

What draws visitors to Folly Beach? The beach, of course! The miles of pristine beaches provide the perfect venue for a variety of activities. Go for a run, build a sandcastle with the kids, fly a kite or play a competitive round of bocce ball. The beach, specifically the Wash Out, also serves as a major attraction for surfers in the area. In addition to the beaches, Folly has a number of other attractions that interest both locals and vacationers alike. You can check them out at

Fishing is a popular pastime for beachgoers. The Edwin S. Taylor Fishing Pier is the headquarters for Folly Beach fishing. Don't feel like lugging your fishing gear with you on vacation? Stop by the local tackle shop to purchase bait and rent all the gear you'll need for a day of fishing on the pier. Chat with locals who fish from the pier almost daily and catch a variety of local fish ranging from Giant Drum and King Mackerel.

In addition to pier fishing, off shore and deep sea fishing are popular with the fishermen in the area. There are a number of charter companies in Folly Beach and Charleston that offer deep sea fishing trips for both small and large groups. Even if you don't have much luck catching anything, spending a day out on the water just can't be beat!

Morris Island Lighthouse

The Morris Island Lighthouse is a common stop for Folly Beach visitors interested in exploring Lowcountry history. The history of the lighthouse dates back to 1693 when records indicate that a raised metal pan filled with pitch and set on fire was used as a night navigation aid. The first actual Morris Island lighthouse structure was built in 1767 and has been destroyed and rebuilt three times. The lighthouse no longer functions as a navigation aid and is currently leased to Save the Light, Inc., which is coordinating the erosion control and restoration of the site.

Folly Beach Rentals

Heading to Folly Beach for a family vacation? Imagine being able to spread out in a house or condo where everyone can relax rather than cramming the family into a hotel room! In addition to space, rental homes and condos also offer the luxury of being able to prepare meals rather than eating out for each meal, which is often the case when staying at a hotel. Whether you are searching for a rental for a romantic weekend getaway with your significant other or for a family reunion with 15 cousins, can lead you to the perfect property for your needs!

House or Condo?

So you have decided to rent property this summer rather than stay in a hotel. Your next step is determining which type of property best fits your needs. Folly Beach has a wide range of rental properties available from five bedroom beachfront houses to two bedroom riverfront condos. There is something available to fit every vacationer's needs.

Multi-bedroom beachfront houses are often the perfect rental property for large, extended families. Many of the homes on Folly Beach are large enough so that each branch of the family can have their own pod of bedrooms and bathrooms, while sharing the living space and kitchen with the whole family. This set up is also ideal for vacation plans that involve multiple families vacationing together.

Condos are a viable rental option for couples, smaller families or parents with very young children. These rental properties offer many of the same amenities as larger houses such as space and kitchen accessibility while often being less expensive. As with rental houses, condos are available for a range of rental rates depending on size, view and proximity to the beach or river.

Folly Beach Hotels

Once you have decided to vacation at Folly Beach, the next step is to decide when to go and where to stay. As Folly's popularity continues to grow, it is important to contact the hotels in the area as early as possible to ensure a reservation. Houses and condominium complexes occupy much of the area, leaving little room for large hotels. The limited number of hotel rooms fill up fast so make your reservation at a featured hotel today!

Beachfront Fun or Secluded Privacy?

Folly Beach offers accommodations to suit the needs of every vacationer visiting the area. Families with young children who plan to spend nearly every waking minute on the beach may be more interested in a beachfront hotel while a couple celebrating a wedding anniversary might want something a little more secluded and private.

The Charleston On The Beach Holiday Inn is the only beachfront hotel at Folly. This hotel offers the best of both worlds for vacationers--a comfortable retreat just steps from the ocean and only a few miles to the heart of Historic Charleston. Renovated in 2004, the Charleston On The Beach hotel has 132 guest rooms, a restaurant onsite in addition to the renowned local restaurants within walking distance. The hotel also offers an outdoor pool for those guests who want to take a dip without the sand and salt!

Looking to get away from the crowds and relax during your vacation? The Holliday Inn of Folly Beach is a small inn located just one block from the ocean. With only 14 rooms, guests at The Holliday Inn are ensured a relaxed, private experience . . . away from the busy crowds at larger hotels. Vacationers are invited to enjoy the pool or prepare a meal at the barbecue pit when not relaxing in their room, hanging out on the beach or sightseeing on the island or in nearby Charleston.

Folly Beach Condos

Try something new for your family vacation this year! Rather than cramming the whole family into a hotel room, why not spread out a bit and relax in a condo? In addition to the refreshing sun and surf, enchanting seafood restaurants and unique shops that Folly Beach is known for, there is a large selection of condos available for rent year round. is the ultimate resource for all things Folly, including condo rentals and sales. Folly Beach has a condo available to fit every vacationer's need. Are you looking for a weekend rental for a quick getaway with your spouse? Or perhaps a condo large enough for a family of six with beach access is better suited for your needs? No longer will you be forced to eat out for every meal, every day--a major benefit of staying in a condo, in addition to the space, is access to a kitchen. Whatever your needs, there is a condo at Folly Beach for you!

A Solid Investment

Condominiums in the Folly Beach area have proven to be profitable properties for real estate investors. Folly currently offers the most affordable real estate on the South Carolina coast. However, the growing popularity of the area is certain to send prices through the roof as is the case in other beachfront communities. Don't miss your chance--invest in a Folly Beach condo today and watch the value soar!

In addition to being a sound financial investment, owning a Folly Beach condominium also offers the luxury of being able to visit the beach year round, no advanced reservations necessary! If your schedule prevents you from visiting very often, you can rent your property to the hordes of vacationers who visit the beach each summer. There are a number of property management companies in the area who will oversee the rental and maintenance of your condo. So all that's left for you to do is sit back, relax and make money off of the increasing property value and rental rates!

Folly Beach Realtors

Folly Beach currently offers the most affordable real estate on the South Carolina coast. However, the area's popularity continues to soar year after year and real estate prices are beginning to reflect the positive reputation of this East Coast vacation destination. If you are interested in real estate on Folly Beach, do not wait another day to make your move! is your source for area realtors who will be happy to work with you to find the beach house or condo of your dreams!

Suit Your Needs

The realtors in Folly Beach take all of the work out of hunting for a home or condo to purchase or rent. Simply stop by a realtor's office or give them a call to discuss your needs. Looking to buy a million dollar beachfront retirement estate large enough for all of your grandkids? Or maybe you are only coming to the area for a few weeks during the summer and would like to rent a home a few blocks from the beach? Folly Beach realtors are available to go over all of the options based on your desires and specifications.

Many of the clients that Folly Beach realtors work with originally came to the area for vacation, fell in love with the small, laidback community and decided to purchase property so they would have the option of visiting whenever they wanted to--no reservations needed! Realtors also work with families who maintain a home elsewhere in the Charleston area but would also like to have a place at the beach to enjoy on the weekends.

Enjoy the convenience and excitement of owning property in Folly Beach. Contact an area realtor now while prices are still affordable and there is a wide selection of properties on the market. It won't last long!

Folly Beach SC

Come to the Edge of the World! Folly Beach, South Carolina is the ultimate vacation destination with something for everyone. A natural barrier island, Folly offers six miles of white sand beaches ideal for fishing, surfing, sunbathing and sandcastle building. The island is home to a host of popular seafood restaurants, gift shops and attractions including the Morris Island Lighthouse. Rent a bike and explore everything this small, laidback beach community has to offer!

Visitors to Folly Beach have a variety of lodging options. is your source for information on homes and condos for rent as well as area hotels. One of the most attractive features of Folly is that no matter where you are, you are never far from the water or Center Street, lined with delis, surf shops and ice cream stands.

Historic Charleston

Only ten miles from historic Charleston, South Carolina, Folly Beach is the perfect location for vacationers who are looking for the best of both worlds! You can go for an early morning bike ride and watch the sun rise over the ocean. For quality family time, you can fly a kite on the beach with your children. If you're feeling more adventurous, catch some waves at the Wash Out, Folly's premiere surfing spot. If you have an urge to spend money, then head into Charleston and shop at the City Market, go on a plantation tour and enjoy dinner at a world-famous restaurant--all in one day!

In addition to the wonderful dining and shopping opportunities, Charleston is also home to a number of attractions for the military history buff. Fort Sumter, the site of the first shots of the Civil War, is located in the Charleston harbor. The world's largest naval and maritime museum, Patriot's Point Maritime Museum, is also in the area.

Folly Beach Vacation Rentals

Looking for the perfect spot for your next family vacation? It doesn't get any better than Folly Beach, South Carolina! Folly features activities and attractions for every member of your family. Send Grandpa out to Edwin S. Taylor Pier for an afternoon of fishing, sign Grandma up for a bird watching expedition, hit the beach and build sandcastles with the kids and enjoy a romantic dinner with your spouse. Explore to learn more about all of the fun and excitement waiting for you at Folly Beach, SC!

Where to Stay?

Once you decide to vacation at Folly Beach, the next step is making lodging reservations. As the popularity of the area grows, rental properties and hotels tend to fill up quickly. With only two hotels on the island, rental homes and condos prove to be a common option for many vacationers.

The realtors in the area will be happy to help you find the vacation rental that best fits your needs. The wide range of properties on Folly makes it easy to find the perfect rental for any situation ranging from a group of ten girlfriends geared up for a week of sunbathing and shopping to a retired couple looking for a quiet spot off the beaten path. Folly Beach has it all!

Folly Beach also offers vacation rentals to suit any budget. No one wants to blow their entire vacation budget on a rental home and have no money leftover for dining, shopping or visiting nearby Charleston. Realtors in Folly Beach understand that the ideal vacation rental is spacious and comfortable with a layout suitable for your group while also being affordable. You can feel confident that, with the help of a realtor who knows the area well, you will find the perfect vacation rental!

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