Tue, 23 May 2006 17:01:39 +0000

The Charleston Market is off and Running Again  -  @ 17:01:39
A lot of us had slowed down for the early part of this year.
Many blamed it on news reports and the bubble hysteria that seemed to be hogging all the air time on CNN, and ABC.

It looks like the market is getting back into full swing again. Inventory is starting to go down at an ever increasing pace. Our office is looking at a record month for May.

Beach property is making the strongest rebound. Higher than normal inventories from the off-season, have lead to some great deals, where they were few and far between last year.

I would have to say that I havent seen deals like the ones currently on the market since I entered the business. Many investors are seeing this as well and seem to be taking them down right and left.


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