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Top 10 Reasons Why To Run Not Walk To The Institutional Buyers  -  @ 08:06:03
by Chauncey White

The Residential Real Estate and Commercial Real Estate market
have plenty of differences. Establishing yourself in the
Commercial Finance and/or Commercial Real Estate Market can
appear to be a difficult task. With a quality 'blue print'
before you as a guide, your course should be true and strong.

1. There are Pros and Con(s) to working with Institutional

The Institutional Buyers are a very professional group of
Buyers. They are in no way like the unprofessional, problem
tenant you may have experienced.
Remember, you just bought a second home. You decided to
lease out the first home for income property. Unfortunately, the
tenant from 'who knows where' moved in.

In either case, whether you have had this type of negative
experience or have been fortunate enough to escape such a peril,
it will be a refreshing and rewarding treat working with
Institutional Buyers; liken unto a totally new world.

2. Cons: The Institutional Buyers know what they want and they
will tell you exactly what that is, provided that you ask them
of course

3. They are very easy to talk to and our very informed on their
particular niche market

4. They are more than glad to answer all of your questions and
this in turn helps you best service their needs

5. They move quickly and don’t waste any time in proceeding with
properties they have an interest in

6. When it is time to execute a LOI, you are in the 'drivers
seat', a written offer for the property will be written out
directly to you

7. This 'Principal', leading position provides numerous
opportunities and profit points

8. They have plenty of money to pay for properties that they
would like to acquire

9. Since these companies are publicly traded, you can verify how
much money they have

10. Con(s): They do not need any financing on their property

Chauncey White
Commercial Financial Consultant

"If you want a strong foundation making the transition from
Residential to Commercial or want to improve your current stand
in the Commercial arena, this is a must read!" We highly
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