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Post details: One Center St. Oceanfront Bar - Holiday Inn - Folly Beach SC


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One Center St. Oceanfront Bar - Holiday Inn - Folly Beach SC

Oceanfront Restaurant Bar on Folly Beach
Alicia's Review - Good:One Center St Bar - Folly Beach

One Center Street
1 Center Street
Folly Beach, SC 29439
(843) 588-6464


UPDATE: 6/01/06
This review has been downgraded from Excellent to very good due to the firing of the manager that made it what it was, Mel


I love, love, love One Center Street, also known as “that downstairs bar at the Holiday Inn”. What do I love about it? First of all, I love the beach and I am always happy when I am looking out over the water, listening to the waves crashing and smelling the salty, ocean air while enjoying a nice, cold beer. There are surprisingly few restaurants/bars where you can do this in Charleston so this is a unique and special spot. In the summer, they even have a Tiki bar where you can get a beer or drink to quench your thirst on those hot, humid days at the beach.

Secondly, I love the casualness of One Center. You can go in there in a pair of sweats or shorts, a bikini top or t-shirt and flip flops or even just your swimsuit and sandals – whatever – and you’ll feel comfortable. Along with this, and granted, I do go there a lot so I have gotten to know everyone who works there but I am going to make the bold statement that I don’t think you will get better service anywhere. I go there with different friends and many of them drink the same thing every time so my favorite gal, Caroline, sees them and just pops the top of their usual drink. For me, I switch things up a little so she’ll confirm and there it is in front of me within moments. Even better, you never have to ask for another one, she watches you and keeps them coming until you tell her you’re finished. That is what I call anticipatory service! Caroline is darling although I must be fair and say that Mel, the manager, has done a fabulous job building a great team. Heather is another one of our favorites and we have a great story about Heather. One night, we shut down the bar and the very next morning at the crack of dawn, we had to be at a company meeting at the Holiday Inn. We had had a few drinks that night and we asked who would be working in the morning. Lucky for us, Heather was and she promised she’d make us Bloody Marys if we wanted them. We were laughing about that story a couple months later and she told us, “And I would have, too!” Once again, that is what I call excellent service! I love a girl that will sneak cocktails into the company meeting for us! So, as I said Mel has built a team that is friendly, fun, great at what they do, and they always make you feel at home.

Last, but certainly not least, the food at One Center is great bar food. To be completely honest, I must admit that it isn’t always consistent but that is OK because 95% of the time, it’s great and the people and environment more than make up for that 5%. Some of my favorites are the Beach Burger, an 8 oz cheeseburger ($7.45 - I have had this many, many times and it’s a fabulous burger), the Buffalo Shrimp ($6.95), the Fried Flounder sandwich ($7.95), Fried Calamari served with Jalapeno Jelly ($6.60, I have always loved this one, although my friends have had it on a night when it wasn’t as great), the Killer Club Sandwich ($6.95), and the Mahi Mahi Bites served with honey mustard dipping sauce ($7.95). The Peel and Eat Shrimp are great if you want a lighter meal (1/3 lb for $6.95 or ½ lb. for $11.50), and the salads ($5.50 for the house) are very fresh and tasty, either as a starter or, for a meal if you add Chicken (additional $2) or Shrimp (additional $3.50). Enjoy, have fun, and say hey to Caroline, Heather & the girls for me!

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