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Archives for: January 2006


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Osaka - James Island, SC - sushi restaurant

Osaka Restaurant - Sushi - Japanese - James Island SC
Alicia's Review - Very Good:Osaka Sushi Restaurant James Island SC

Osaka Restaurant
100 Folly Road
Charleston, SC 29412

Last night we enjoyed a delicious and reasonably priced sushi dinner at Osaka on James Island. Being from California originally (and having spent a little time in Japan), I must admit I was a little skeptical about "Southern Sushi". However, each time I enjoy Sushi here, I absolutely stand corrected and last night was no exception. Once again, I was reminded what a wonderfully metropolitan, cultural yet quaint and charming city Charleston is.

We were starving, so we sat down and ordered a Charleston roll ($8.95)as an appetizer right away. This delicious roll is stuffed with tempura salmon and has fresh tuna and a mild spicy sauce on top. For an entree we shared the Volcano Roll ($5) which consists of tempura tuna, lava sauce, flying fish eggs and scallions, the Crazy Tuna ($7.95) which is seared tuna with avocado inside with spicy tuna and crazy sauce on top, and completed wih flying fish eggs, scallions, and a light sprinkling of tempura flakes for a light crunch. Finally, for a lighter roll, we enjoyed Sake, just fresh, raw salmon on top of rice($3.75). I always love to order a variety of sushi that includes both "specialty" rolls which incorporate many different ingredients as well as simpler sushis such as the Sake and Tekka Maki rolls that are just made of delicious, clean, fresh fish. For me, this offers a nice balance of flavors during the meal and leaves me feeling satisfied but not uncomfortably full at the end of the meal.

Because I have only eaten at Osaka for lunch and during the week for dinner, I have never sampled their Saki choices but I am sure that based on their food, they have a well selected menu and I look forward to going back soon to sample the Sakis. Also, in addition to sushi, Osaka serves Chinese food (another cause for my skepticism at first - Chinese food in a restaurant called Osaka?? but I seem to be misguided about this, too). Many of the patrons were ordering Chinese dishes and they looked absolutely wonderful, so I am anxious to visit Osaka again soon. As though I need an excuse, putting "Chinese dinner at Osaka" on my restaurant list just gives me another reason not to cook!


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Cypress Restaurant - downtown Charleston

Front of Cypress
Alicia's Review - Wonderful:Cypress Restaurant downtown Charleston review

Cypress Menu

Cypress Wine List

What a delightful and romantic evening we spent dining at Cypress. We were seated immediately and greeted by our waitress, Phyllis, who was professional and polished, yet warm and personable -I would highly recommend asking for her as she helped to round out a lovely dining experience with her expertise and personality.

We started off with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot (Yellow Label, $75) - always a great way to begin a meal in my opinion - along with our appetizer selections, the Asian Tuna Tartare ($10) and the Vietnamese Beef Spring Rolls ($9). I like to try the tuna tartare at every good restaurant and it was delicious here, although we both agreed that the Spring Rolls were our favorite.

Cypress has an extensive wine list, with over 4,500 well chosen selections from all over the world which are beautifully displayed on a floor to ceiling wine wall. I wish I could remember what wine we had that night but this was three months ago now and I do not. What I can tell you is that we took Phyllis' suggestion and here is something I am always impressed with: we had picked out a wine and, after hearing what we had chosen for our entrees, Phyllis suggested a wine that had just come in, was not on their list, and was less expensive than what we had originally chosen (approximately $50). It paired beautifully with the tender, melt in your mouth Garlic and Herb wrapped rack of lamb, prepared tableside for two ($34/person).

We ended our dinner with a to-die-for warm chocolate molten cake ($9) and delicious vanilla creme brulee ($8), and of course, the rest of our wine. I am always happy when my meal includes a tender and flavorful meat selection, champagne and/or red wine, chocolate in some form, and, of course, wonderful company so I left Cypress feeling VERY happy as our meal included all of the above!

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